The Dreams of Rats and Ashes

An Eclipse Phase Survival Horror

[Incoming Message Received. Source: Unknown]

[Quantum Analysis: No Interception Detected]

[Decryption Complete]


We hope you have enjoyed your downtime. It was well earned. Our organization acknowledges your shining contributions to its success and the continuation of Transhumanity as a whole.

Considering the nature of the situation that has come to light, it was without question that you should be selected to join an elite team of fellow Sentinels. You and your teammates are among the best of the best, and we have no doubt in our minds that the situation will be handled with the utmost in professional application of your skills set.

One boarding pass has been reserved in your name for the VCS Radiance. It is a Luxury Space Liner on its maiden voyage. Your fellow passengers will include numerous diplomats, CEOs, and other rich and famous persons.

We have been made aware of a potential terrorist threat to the VCS Radiance. The ship has been fitted with state of the art security systems – both hardware and software. This fact has been made public, and we expected numerous hackers to target the ship as a test of their own skills. In fact, there have been approximately 117 attempts already. Each one has failed. This fact has been made public as well. Whether or not this information has been fabricated is no concern of ours.

The threat that we have discovered is not a simple hacker trying to validate herself. We believe there are a number of individuals who will attempt to physically board the ship and cause some form of damage to the ship and its crew. Should they succeed, we can expect to see panic and paranoia reach unprecedented levels among the remains of Transhumanity. Having the most secure ship in the system fall to a terrorist attack could potentially destabilize the infrastructure of our entire society.

Transhumanity has already been made incredibly frail from the Fall and our endless struggle for survival thereafter. We cannot allow this terrorist group to push us over the edge and into oblivion.

Each of your team members has a boarding pass that requires Ego Identification Confirmation. Once on board, you are to rendezvous with your fellow teammates. Your Muse, if you have one, will identify your teammates based on their Mesh ID once you make visual contact with them, and they will be AR Highlighted for your convenience. Unfortunately, you cannot broadcast to your teammates, because the ships AI is programmed to detect such suspicious activity, and it is important that each of you appear to have no affiliation with one another, should the ships databases be reviewed at a later time.

After rendezvous, you and your team are to locate and neutralize any and all terrorist threats. If you can acquire one of the terrorist’s Cortical Stacks, you should do so. After neutralization, you are to remove any trace of your presence on the VCS Radiance. We will be working to remove traces on the outside.

Finally, you are to eject yourself into open space. The Spime within your own personal Cortical Stacks will broadcast your coordinates. After location, we will resleeve you into a brand new Morph.

In summary;

- Board
- Rendezvous
- Detect
- Neutralize
- Cleanup
- Eject

Good luck. Transhumanity is counting on you.

[End Message]

[This Message Has Self-Erased]

The Dreams of Rats and Ashes

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