The Dreams of Rats and Ashes

Radiance - Launch
"and then a I humped a Geisha"

The five Sentinels boarded the VCS Radiance and immediately began preparations in their quarters for any potential threats they might encounter. They exited Hotel Radiance and began exploring the massive open air passenger area known as Rad City. Onk-lo helped himself to an AR Gladiatorial tournament in the Recreation Center. Meanwhile, Zeff gets a special message from one of the Hologram Advertisements, in which a woman is AR Highlighted green in his PAN. This is the infomorph, Lisbeth, who is aiding the team by stealthily navigating the ship’s internal functions.
Dejah is deterred by a Hypercorp sales woman, trying to get her to invest in her corporation’s mining operations. She manages to shrug the annoyance off by making the saleswoman look like a stone’s throw from moronic. She was still offered a digital business card, which she rejected.
Onk-lo was kicking tits in the Gladiatorial Tournament, which earned him various coupons for services aboard the ship, including the escort services for DADDY GOOGOO’S EXTRAVAGANZA!
Dejah saw Zeff and was introduced to Lisbeth. who began broadcasting directly to their PANs. The three were approached by Security Officers who stated that their presence was requested in SecStat Alpha. At the same time, the AR Tourney was locked down, and Onk-lo, who was very pissed, was asked by Security to venture forth toward jolly-old SecStat Alph.
The group were finally introduced to one and the other. All of em. Even Verrine, who’d been painting her nails black in the shadows while everyone else tried to do something productive.
…anyway, they met HSO Saranyu Ozma, who then introduced them to Captain Lyndon Berk. He was Highlighted.
The Sentinels were debriefed and given targets of high risk aboard the ship that they could look into at some point.

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